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Today’s society is wasteful and shows little responsibility in regard to the handling of resources such as water, clean air, etc. With its innovative surface optimization, ServFaces strives to provide a considerable contribution to the minimization of the wastage of resources in today’s fast-moving times.

By using ServFaces, all surfaces can be cleaned more easily, the paintwork stops aging and the decay of the paintwork is prevented. Positive side effect: Reduction of the use of chemicals and water, which is a contribution to our environment. All ServFaces products are free of silicone, Teflon, siloxane and wax.

Paint Protection Film

Our Suntek paint protection film adds an invisible layer atop your car’s finish, safeguarding it from debris, strong weather and harsh chemicals. Each crystal-clear, energy-absorbent layer is comprised of polyurethane. Your car’s shape is attended to via in-depth digital templates.

Regardless of your vehicle’s shape, customizations or other features, its Suntek paint protection film fits snugly. It guarantees up to 10 years of protection, fortifying your ride’s vulnerable areas.

Full Vinyl Wrap

Our protective Vinyl Wrapping services make your car look unique. It also protects your ride’s original paint, securing any chipped, scratched or dented surfaces. By reducing minor abrasions, each Vinyl Wrapping job satisfies your vehicle’s durability for 10 years while maximizing its color appeal.

Take charge with your new look, and satisfy your thirst for adventure by swapping your Vinyl Wrapping design in a single visit.

With Applied

Up to 70%

The car body finds different brightness of color, thanks to the optical effect

Up to 65%

Increases hydrophobic quality of paint, which gives a high desgree of self-cleaning

Up to 90%

Increases hardness and lifetime of paint, increases the resistance to scratching

Up to 100%

Resistance to impact any chemical reagents, due to the increase in hardness of varnish


Ceramics for the car is not washed off in the sink; it can be cleaned only by abrasive polishing.

Papin Garage

We love cars! Our masters are fans of their business – they pedantically return the former brilliance and luxury of the car, preventing its aging in the future. We know how to extend the ideal look of your car for many years to come!

Additional Services

  1. Detailing polishing of the body. We will give your auto real shine and color depth without damage to the cover!

    When the polishing of the car is needed:

    • Protective polishing of the body: for new cars
    • Restorative polishing of the body: returns the shine and the depth of color
    • Detailing polishing of the body: restores the paint and varnish coating of the car.
  2. Dry cleaning and protection of the vehicle
    • We will return your car with original cleanliness and freshness with the use of hypoallergenic compositions.

    When the interior laundry is needed:

    • Upholstery, panel and joints between them are dirty, there is a strong unpleasant smell in the cabin. On upholstery traces of smell, drinks, food or stains from our care products.

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